The Brand & The Owner

The Brand & The Owner

Stay True 24.8 LLC was established in New Jersey on April 5th, 2020 due to an inspirational video from B. Simone: "Road to a Million" video and became official April 9th by 25 year old, Sierra M. [ Instagram:].


Sierra is a former D2 student athlete and has been surrounded within sports industry for her entire life. She has gained pleasure in working out at the gym after her years as a baller with her personal trainer, IG:Tarrant_tv. She knew activewear was the right industry for her to embark in.

Working out looking stylish and comfortable with confidence is the goal along with being able to wear our activewear outside of the gym for different activities such as; grocery shopping, lunch date, girls night, and more. The diversity, affordability, and brand  of our activewear is important and will help set us apart.


Stay True 24.8 LLC  was created to provide high quality comfortable, trendy, and affordable active/athleisure wear that can be worn for different activities throughout your day and not only at the gym. Our brand encourages individuals to know who they are and stay true to who they are. Work on you, For You and make sure you're progressing daily in every aspect of their lives to accomplish their goals and be the best version of themselves.

 24.8 is inspired by the legend Kobe Bryant! His mentality and dedication of wanting to be the best version of himself on and off the court will never be forgotten. He always remained true to himself and had amazing work ethic. Truly admirable! #Mambaforever.